Hubungan Ansietas Dengan Penyakit Parkinson Pada Pasien Rawat Jalan Di Poliklinik Neurologi RSUP Dr. M. Djamil Padang

  • Yoga Setia Kurniawan Universitas Andalas
  • Yuliarni Syafrita Departemen Neurologi, Fakultas Kedokteran, Universitas Andalas
  • Restu Susanti Departemen Neurologi, Fakultas Kedokteran, Universitas Andalas


Anxiety is one of the most common non-motor symptom in Parkinson's disesase which greatly affects oatients’ quality of life, however it’s often neglected in clinical practice. The purpose of this study was to determine the rate and association between anxiety and Parkinson's disease using Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAR). This was a cross sectional study conducted at Neurology Polyclinic of  Dr. M. Djamil Padang General Hospital. Sample was taken by  consecutive sampling method. There were 60 patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease who met inclusion criteria. Male (55%) patients were more common than female (45%) and most patients aged more than 50 years (63%). Based on the HARS assessment obtained 23 patients with anxiety and 37 patients without anxiety. There were significant associations among duration of illness, staging, and marital status with anxiety in Parkinson’s disease.


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