Preeclamsia Perbedaan Kadar Interleukin 6 Serum dan Kadar HsCrp Pada Ibu Hamil Preeklampsia

  • Yuniarti Ekasaputri Burhanuddin USN Kolaka
  • Syahrianti Syahrianti
  • Iis Afrianty




Levels of Interleukin 6 (IL-6) and hs CRP (high sensitivity C Reactive Protein) increased maternal preeclampsia. Increased hsCRP levels induced by IL6. This study aims to know the differences IL6 serum levels and levels of hsCRP In Preeclamtic pregnancy and Normal pregnancy. The research method using cross sectional study involving 84 pregnant women (42 Preeclamtic pregnancy and 42 Normal Pregnancy) in RSKDIA Siti Fatima and RSKDIA Pertiwi Makassar. Data regarding chronological age and BMI were recorded on all subjects, and hs-CRP and IL-6 concentration was measured by ELLISA method after drained the blood from cubity vein. Preeclamptic pregnancy patients diagnosed by the obstetrician after fullfilled the hospital criteria. Preeclampsia pregnancy was defined as a rise in systolic blood pressure ≥140 mmHg and or diastolic blood pressure ≥90 mmHg with proteinuria ≥300 mg/I for 24 hours urine sample. Layer analysis test was used to compare the characteristic subjects in the group of preeclampsia pregnancy and normal pregnancy group.One Way ANOVA test is used to look at differences in levels of IL-6, hsCRP levels in preeclamtic pregnancy and normal pregnancy. The results showed higher levels of IL-6 preeclamptic woman compared with normal pregnancy group (average difference = 308.8 with a value of p = 0.000 <0.005 and the average difference between the serum levels of IL-6 group of pregnant women with severe preeclampsia different from normal pregnant women mean = 295.5 with a value of p = 0.000 <0.005) and hsCRP levels were also higher in preeclamtic pregnant woman compared to normal pregnant women group (average difference = 0.85 with p = 0.001 <0.005).


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