Increases Knowladge Exclusive Breastfeeding at Mother in Makassar

  • Sundari Sundari Prodi DIII Kebidanan FKM Universitas Muslim Indonesia
  • Andi Masnilawati Program Studi Ilmu Kebidanan Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Muslim Indonesia
Keywords: Knowledge, Employment, exclusive breastfeeding


Breast milk is the best food for babies because it contains all the necessary nutrients the baby needs in an appropriate amount and immunologic substances that protect the baby from infection. This is due to the presence of antibodies contained in ASI colostrum. Breast-fed baby can regulate energy intake associated with internal response in realizing the sense of satiety. The purpose of this study to determine the description of the level of knowledge and work with exclusive breastfeeding to mothers in Makassar. The design of this study is an analytical study using cross sectional design. Quantitative data is then analyzed descriptively in the distribution of frequency characteristics of mothers who have children 7-12 months. Chi square analysis was used to compare categorical data of influence including knowledge and work status on exclusive breastfeeding using chi square test with the help of computer program. Good knowledge of respondents about exclusive breastfeeding (67.9%) and knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding (32.1%). Distribution of working mother (54%) and distribution of unemployed mother (45,7%). Mothers who do not work choose not breastfeeding as much as 37.8%. Knowledge of the mother's exclusive breastfeeding is related to maternal actions to exclusively breastfeed to infants in Makassar. Maternal occupations are not related to maternal action to exclusively breastfeed to infants in Makassar. The conclusions of the study show that good knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding increases exclusive breastfeeding.

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Sundari, S., & Masnilawati, A. (2018). Increases Knowladge Exclusive Breastfeeding at Mother in Makassar. Window of Health : Jurnal Kesehatan, 16-20.