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A sample of 502 students were selected using a purposive proportional sampling method. Data analysis was performed using the Chi-Square test. The results showed that 32.1% of respondents had a motorcycle accident. The statistical test showed that there was a relationship between listening to music while driving (p = 0.013), driving at a speed of more than 50km / h (p = 0.001), sudden braking (p = 0.000), and overtaking without giving a turn signal (p = 0.006) with motorcycle accident. Risky behavior can reduce a person's concentration in driving so that it can increase the chance of a motor vehicle accident. The university in particular needs to tighten regulations and education for students to be able to increase safe driving behavior.</em></p> Farah Multi Amalia, Mochamad Iqbal Nurmansyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 19:26:04 +0000 Terapi Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) Efektif Dalam Menurunkan Tingkat Kecemasan Wanita Pre Menopause <p><em>SEFT therapy (Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique) combines spirituality in the form of prayer, sincerity, and submission with psychological energy in the form of a set of principles and techniques to utilize the body's energy system to improve the state of mind, emotions, and behavior which is carried out with three simple techniques, namely set- up, tune-in, and tapping. The use of SEFT therapy in reducing anxiety before menopause is based on the assumption that healing comes from God, so that individuals can sincerely and surrender with an emphasis on belief in God, precisely and simply so as to improve The Major Energy Meridians, which functions to neutralize physical and emotional problems as causes worry. This study aims to prove that SEFT therapy has effectiveness in reducing anxiety levels in pre menopausal women. The measuring instrument used in this study used the BAI (Back Anxiety Inventory). Subjects in this study amounted to 32 samples. The implementation of SEFT therapy was carried out with 3 techniques including set-up, tune-in, and tapping. The design in this study used a pretest-posttest control group design. The data analysis technique used the Mann-Whitney test comparing the experimental group and the control group. The results showed the value of p (0.000) &lt;α 0.05. There was a difference in the level of anxiety between the experimental group and the control group. In the experimental group the average decrease in anxiety level was 23.12, while in the control group the decrease in anxiety level was 9.88. This shows that the Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique therapy is effective in reducing anxiety levels in the experimental group, whereas in the control group it tends to increase or stagnate. SEFT therapy can be used as a complementary therapy in dealing with anxiety that often occurs in pre-menopausal mothers.</em></p> Nasrawati Nasrawati, Khalidatul Khair Anwar ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 19:28:47 +0000 Dampak Kebijakan Pengadaan Obat Pada Puskesmas di Jakarta Era Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional <p><em>Medicine is an important input in health services. If the medicine is not available, it can negatively affect the patient's therapeutic results. The purpose of this observational study is to find out the process of drug procurement at the primary health care, in Jakarta, which are all of have Public Service Agency status, in order to map out the problem and its solution. Primary data were obtained through in-depth interviews and focus group discussion with Pharmacists and Commitment Officers from 20 primary health care representing 5 municipalities, plus 1 of thousand islands primary health care, using 20 types of indicator drugs, 4 of them are antihypertensive drugs. The results of the study that conducted in January to March 2019 showed that of 21 primary health care conducting e-Purchasing, 11 primary health care succeeded, 3 primary health care failed but followed up through direct procurement, and 10 other primary health care failed without following up, resulting in an antihypertensive drug shortages. The primary health care that succeed e-Purchasing, were found to have pharmacists in charge of drug procurement. In primary health care, where there is a drug shortages, existing pharmacists are not given a role in the procurement of drugs, this right has an impact on the average proportion of hypertension referral patients reaching 12%, or 4 times that of puskesmas fulfilling drug needs, which is 3%. It can be concluded that the implementation of JKN medicine procurement in primary health cares in Jakarta is still experiencing obstacles, which requires the support of BLUD procurement regulations and the role of pharmacists in drug procurement.</em></p> Hari Sulistiyono, Prih Sarnianto, Yusi Anggiani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 19:31:02 +0000 Pengetahuan, Sikap, Kebiasaan Merokok, Aktifitas Fisik, dan Kepatuhan Minum Obat Berhubungan Dengan Pengedalian Hipertensi <p><em>Hypertension is the highest cause of death and illness. History of hypertension along with unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, physical activity and medication adherence. This study aims to determine the factors associated with controlling hypertension in the Working Area of ​​UPT Puskesmas Padang Bulan Kota Medan. This type of research is quantitative with a cross sectional study design. Population and sample are patients who come to visit and have their health checked by sampling technique using accidental sampling as many 100 people and univariate, bivariate and multivariate data analysis. The results of research that have been carried out obtained that there is a significant relationship of knowledge (p = 0.006), attitudes (p = 0.011), smoking habits (p = 0.018), physical activity (p = 0.017), compliance with taking medication (p = 0,000) with controlling hypertension. Compliance with medication drinks is most dominant with hypertension control (Sig 0.001 and Exp 24.048). The conclusion is that there is a relationship between knowledge, attitude, smoking habits, physical activity, medication adherence with hypertension control. It is expected that the puskesmas make prevention efforts, or overcome the problem of hypertension by conducting hypertension counseling / counseling to patients.</em></p> Trisman Jaya Hia, Asyiah Simanjorang, Anto J. Hadi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Kemajuan Teknologi Dalam Masyarakat, Promosi Susu Formula, Gaya Hidup, Dan Dukungan Tenaga Kesehatan Mempengaruhi Pemberian Susu Formula Pada Bayi Usia 0-6 Bulan <p><em>Giving formula milk too early can increase the incidence of non-infectious diseases, such as allergies, obesity, and malnutrition. The increase in formula feeding is due to technological advances in society, promotion of formula milk, lifestyle, and support from health workers. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors that influence mothers in giving formula milk to infants aged 0-6 months at Sadabuan Public Health Center, Padangsidimpuan City in 2019. This study used a quantitative type with a cross sectional study approach. The population of all mothers who have babies aged 0-6 months who visited the Sadabuan Community Health Center, Padangsidimpuan City were 196 people. The number of samples was 67 respondents with accidental sampling technique. Data analysis was performed using univariate, bivariate (Chi Square test), and multivariate (logistic regression test). The results showed that the variable of technological progress in society, the majority supported 48 respondents (71.6%), the value of Sig. 0.016, the promotion of formula milk, the majority of which supported 56 respondents (83.6%), the value of Sig. 0.002, and the majority of health workers support 55 respondents (82.1%) with a Sig value of 0.013. The conclusion of this study is that the most dominant variable affecting mothers in giving formula milk to infants aged 0-6 months is the promotion of formula milk. The local government together with stakeholders in the City of Padangsidimpuan are expected to have policies to achieve several targets such as implementing policies on exclusive breastfeeding and preventing the circulation of formula milk among health workers and the community.</em></p> Ratna Dewi Siregar, Asriwati Asriwati, Jitasari Tarigan Sibero ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Pelaksanaan Fungsi Manajemen Dan Kondisi Kerja Berhubungan Dengan Kepuasan Kerja Perawat <p><em>Work satisfaction is part of integrating human resources, Work satisfaction is one's emotional response to their own work conditions</em>. <em>The aim of the research was to analyze the correlation between Management function</em><em>, work condition</em><em>, and </em><em>nurse’s </em><em>work satisfaction</em><em> in inpatient wards at the hospital of Baubau city</em>. <em>The research was quantitative research using the correlation design and the cross-sectional approach. </em><em>The research subjects comprised 153 nurses, who were selected using the total sampling technique</em>. <em>The data were obtained using</em> <em>questionnaires with a Likert scale. They were analyzed using univariate and bivariate means of descriptive frequency and Spearman test.</em> <em>The result of the research indicate that there is a correlation between Management function and work satisfaction (p=0.001)</em><em>, </em><em>and </em><em>working conditions</em><em>, and work satisfaction (p=0.036). </em><em>Both of</em> <em>management functions and </em><em>working conditions</em><em> related to nursing work satisfaction.</em> <em>Suggestion from this research so that result of research can be a consideration for the hospital in general and Management of hospital needs to pay attention nurse working </em><em>condition</em> <em>and </em><em>management functions so that can maintain nurse work satisfaction</em>.</p> Mita Mita, Muhammad Ali Maulana ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Kepatuhan Konsumsi Zat Besi (Fe) Terhadap Kejadian Anemia Pada Ibu Hamil <p><em>Provision of Fe tablets has not yet reached the target in which the central government has set a minimum service standard for the coverage of Fe tablets during pregnancy by 90%. This study aims to determine adherence to taking Fe tablets, the incidence of anemia, and to analyze the effect of adherence to taking Fe tablets with the incidence of anemia. This study used analytical survey research methods with cross sectional approach. Sources of data were obtained from all pregnant women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy who carried out antenatal care at BPS Diana Ernawati, Laren Village, Laren District, Lamongan Regency, on March 1, 2020-15 April 2020, with a population of 19 people. The sampling technique used total sampling. The data collection technique used a questionnaire which was sourced from primary data and secondary data. Data were analyzed using the Fisher Exact Test. Based on the results of the study, the majority of respondents obeyed the consumption of Fe tablets, namely as many as 12 respondents (63%). The majority of respondents did not experience anemia as many as 13 respondents (68.4%). The majority of respondents who obeyed the consumption of Fe tablets did not experience anemia as many as 10 respondents (83.4%), while the majority of respondents who did not comply with the consumption of Fe tablets experienced anemia as many as 4 respondents (57.1%). The conclusion of this study is that there is an effect between compliance with iron tablets with the incidence of anemia in pregnant women at BPS Diana Ernawati, Laren Village, Laren District, Lamongan Regency, with a p-value (0.011). Health promotion, information communication and education (IEC) efforts are needed to increase awareness of pregnant women on the importance of compliance with Fe tablets.</em></p> Fitriana Ikhtiarinawati Fajrin ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Komunikasi, Lingkungan, Gangguan Interupsi, Beban Kerja dan Edukasi Mempengaruhi Medication Error Perawat Di Instalasi Rawat Inap Rumah Sakit <p><em>The Decree of the Minister of Health regarding Minimum Service Standards states that it is hoped that there will be no incidents of drug administration errors by 100%, this means that none of the occurrences of medication errors should occur in health services. There were 13 medication errors in the inpatient installation of Padangsidimpuan City Hospital in 2015-2017, although most cases did not have a very fatal impact. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence the occurrence of medication errors by the nurses in the inpatient installation of the Padangsidimpuan City Hospital. This type of research is an analytic survey using a cross sectional approach. The population is all nurses who directly interact with patients. amounting to 122 nurses divided from 11 rooms obtained a sample of the total sample of 93 nurses. Data obtained by interview using a questionnaire and analyzed using multiple logistic regression test with α = 0.05 and a confidence level of 95%. The results showed that the variables that had a significant influence on the variable on the occurrence of medication errors by the nurses in the Hospital Padangsidimpuan were environmental conditions variables with p value = 0.002, workload variables with p value = 0.007, and educational variables with p value p value = 0.001. The conclusion is that the management of Padangsidimpuan City Hospital needs to provide socialization in the field of knowledge and skills regarding drugs or pharmacology as well as medication errors in order to minimize the number of medication errors to 0 in order to meet the minimum hospital service standards.</em></p> Ahmad Safii Hasibuan, Syamsopyan Ishak, Erni Yetti R ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Bahaya Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja Penggunaan Kompor Gas Dua Tungku Pada Industri Berskala Kecil Menggunakan Metode FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) <p><em>The use of gas stoves is beneficial in terms of economy and efficiency, but on the other hand it leaves problems, especially in the K3 aspect. Cases of failure in the use of gas stoves that cause explosions and fires are caused by various factors. Critical research efforts related to risks in utilization can be carried out by using a systematic risk assessment related to the failure of the utilization system of a tool, namely FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). The purpose of this research is to analyze the risks of occupational health and safety hazards using a two-burner gas stove in order to get priority issues that need to be watched out for. This research is a descriptive study with a quantitative approach. The research was conducted in a small-scale industry in Jember Regency, East Java Province in March-May 2020. Data analysis and processing as well as determination of risk priorities were carried out with FMEA guidelines. The results showed that the two-burner gas stove consists of four systems, namely the stove frame system, the burner ignition system and the fire control system. Fuel system and air regulation system, with 12 subsystems in the four systems. This study concludes that there are three health and safety hazards in the use of a two-burner gas stove in a small-scale industry, namely the first is the danger to the fuel system, to be precise the stove regulator subsystem, the second is the occupational health and safety hazard in the fuel system, to be precise the valve subsystem. gas cylinders and the three occupational health and safety hazards in the stove frame system to be precise in the pan support sub system. The advice given to small-scale industries and the public using a two-burner gas stove is to behave safely and always keep the stove in safe condition by paying attention to the results of the hazard analysis that has been carried out.</em></p> Kurnia Ardiansyah Akbar ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Kelancaran Produksi ASI Pasca Bedah Cesar Dengan Pijat Punggung Menggunakan Virgin Coconut Oil <p><em>Delayed rooming-in process, low frequency of breastfeeding, and the difficulty in breastfeeding among post-caesarean mothers can lead to delay in lactogenesis II. Furthermore, these factors may cause insufficient milk production in the first week of postpartum. Back massage using virgin coconut oil (VCO) is one of the complementary therapies which can improve milk production among post-caesarean mothers. This study aimed to determine the differences of milk production among post-caesarean mothers after given back massage using VCO. The study design was quasi-experiment post-test only with control group design. The sampling technique was consecutive sampling involving 50 post-caesarean mothers divided into intervention group and control group. Chi-square analysis was performed in this study and multivariate analysis used multiple regression to identify predictor variable that affects milk production among post caesarean mothers. The result of chi-square analysis showed that there were differences of milk production among post-caesarean mothers after given back massage intervention (p-value=0.023; OR=3.85). The result of logistic regression analysis showed that the frequency of breastfeeding was the dominant factor in affecting milk production of post-caesarean mothers with p-value 0.028; OR=5.74 combined with back massage (p-value 0.030; OR=4.47 and parity (p-value 0.060; OR=3.59). Back massage intervention combined with a high frequency of breastfeeding as well as parity affected milk production of post-caesarean mothers. Mothers who were given back massage intervention had 3.85 times chance to experience sufficient milk production. Besides, education for mothers to increase the frequency of breastfeeding also an important factor besides giving back massage intervention</em><em>.</em></p> Venny Vidayanti, Mae Sri Hartati Wahyuningsih, Akhmadi Akhmadi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000