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This research is discussion about relation in knowledge, attitudes, age, education level and work period with pesticide use behavior. This type of research is observational analytic research with cross-sectional approach. The subjects of this research were Mandalahurip Village farmers who examined 96 farmers. The research instrument is a questionnaire. Data analysis using fisher analysis. The results of the analysis show that there is a relationship between knowledge and pesticide use behavior (p-value=0.019), there is a relationship between attitude and pesticide use behavior (p-value=0,000), there is no relationship between age and pesticide use behavior (p-value=0.531), no there is a relationship between level of education with pesticide use behavior (p-value=0.353), there is a relationship between work period and pesticide use behavior (p-value=0.015). The conclusion of this study is there is a relationship between knowledge, attitudes and years of service with pesticide use behavior in rice farmers and there is no relationship between age and education level with the behavior of the use of pesticides in rice farmers in Mandalahurip Village, Jatiwaras District, Tasikmalaya Regency.</p> Dyah Suryani, Rossy Pratamasari, Suyitno Suyitno, Maretalinia Maretalinia ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Determinan Perilaku Menyusui dengan Keberhasilan ASI Eksklusif di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Menteng Kota Palangka Raya <p><em>Exclusive breast milk is breast milk that is given to babies from birth for 6 months without adding or replacing with other food or drinks. Exclusive breastfeeding acts as the first immunization, protection from respiratory infections, diarrhea and other potentially life-threatening diseases. One factor that contributes to the low success rate of exclusive breastfeeding globally is socio-cultural factors related to breastfeeding behavior. The purpose of this study was to analyze the determinants of breastfeeding behavior (predisposing factors, enabling factors and reinforcing factors) with the success of exclusive breastfeeding. Observational analytic research method with design cross sectional. The results of this study were 61% not exclusive breastfeeding. Then the test results chi square on predisposing factors including work, attitude and knowledge significantly related to the success of exclusive breastfeeding. Enabling factors including birth attendants, birthplace and history of early breastfeeding initiation (IMD) have a significant relationship with the success of exclusive breastfeeding and reinforcing factors on family support variables are significantly related to the success of exclusive breastfeeding. The logistic regression test results concluded the history of early breastfeeding initiation (IMD) variables (p = 0.001; OR = 16.625) dominant variable with the success of exclusive breastfeeding along with family support variables (p = 0.013; OR = 6.791), occupation (p = 0.014; OR = 3,689), knowledge (p = 0.027; OR = 6.892) and birth attendants (p = 0.047; OR = 6.604).</em></p> Greiny Arisani, Wahidah Sukriani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Hubungan Riwayat Pola Menyusui, Usia Penyapihan dan Emotional Bonding terhadap Status Gizi pada Balita <p><em>Human quality is a harmonious and balanced blend between physical, mental (spiritual) and social. One of the determinants of human quality is the fulfillment of nutritional needed through foods that contain nutrients needed by humans. Nutrition has an important dimension in improving the quality of human resources. Related research analyzes the factors associated with emotional bonding to nutritional status in children under five in. This type of research is an observational analytic using cross-sectional studies, in the Bontorannu Kelurahan, Mariso District, Makassar City. The sample is non-random sampling: purposive sampling.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>The results showed the nutritional status of under-fives as many as 90 toddlers (60%), while the nutritional status of under-fives which were 60 toddlers (40%), there was a relationship of research on nutritional patterns to nutritional status where p = 0,000 &lt;α = 0.05 with the number toddlers by estimating eating patterns lacking 66.7% and sufficient 33.3%. The age of weaning under five with less than 75 (83.3%), while 15 (16.7%) were sufficient. From the results of statistical tests there is a relationship between age and nutritional status of children. For unsafe emotional ties as many as 36 children under five (17.3%) and safe as many as 114 children under five (82.7%). From the statistical test results obtained there is a relationship of emotional ties to the nutritional status of children under five where p = 0,000 &lt;α = 0.05. The warmth that arises from breastfeeding assistance in a pattern of help that supports and supports the bond between mother and baby. This is a natural way to feed baby so it improves the nutritional status of children and provides a very strong emotional closeness.</em></p> Hasriwiani Habo Abbas, Nur Alifah Wulandari, Ayu Lestari, Nurfardiansyah Burhanuddin ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Faktor Yang Berhubungan Dengan Pemberian Mp-Asi Pada Bayi 0-6 Bulan Di BPM Romauli Silalahi <p><em>Complementary feedings are foods or drinks that are given in diverse ways to infants other than breast milk. One of the factors that cause mothers to provide complementary feeding to infants aged 0-6 months is due to knowledge, attitude, work, and family support. This study aimed to determine the relationship of knowledge, attitudes, work, and family support with complementary feeding for infants 0-6 months at Bidan Praktek Mandiri Romauli Silalahi Clinic.</em> <em>Research used analytical survey with cross-sectional approach. The populations were all women who gave birth. The sampling using the total population as a sample as many as 34 people. Data retrieval used secondary data and tested by chi-square at a 95% confidence level.</em> <em>The research result that there was a relationship with complementary feeding of infants aged 0-6 months with knowledge of getting ρ-value = .033 &lt;.05, attitudes obtained ρ-value = .002 &lt;.05, family support obtained ρ-value = .011 (&lt;.05) , and the work obtained ρ-value = .024 (&lt;.05).</em> <em>Conclusion</em><em>:</em><em> Shows that there is a relationship of knowledge with complementary feeding for infants aged 0-6 months, there is a relationship between attitude to complementary feeding for infants aged 0-6 months, there is a relationship between family support and complementary feeding for infants 0-6 months, there is a working relationship with complementary feeding for infants 0-6 months. </em></p> Riska Maulidanita ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Isolasi Bakteri Rhizosfer Tanaman Nilam (Pogostemon cablin Benth.) yang Berpotensi sebagai Penghasil Senyawa Antibakteri terhadap Bakteri Penyebab Infeksi Saluran Pencernaan <p><em>Research on isolation of rhizosphere bacteria in patchouli (Pogostemon cablin Benth.) Plants. This study aims to obtain patchouli plant rhizosphere bacteria which have the potential to produce antibacterial compounds against bacteria that cause digestive tract infections. The first stage, isolation of bacteria originating from the patchouli plant rhizosphere. Antibacterial screening test using a match method, obtained IBRN-3 and IBRN-5 isolates inhibited the growth of all test bacteria. IBRN-3 and IBRN-5 isolates were fermented. The fermentation results are extracted with ethyl acetate solvent to produce dry fermentate ethyl acetate extract. Thin Layer Chromatography was identified on the ethyl acetate extract of IBRN-3 and IBRN-5 using chloroform: methanol (8: 1) eluent and followed by TLC-Bioautography test. The results of spotting on IBRN-3 with Rf value 0.93 inhibited the bacteria E. coli, S. aureus, Rf value 0.82 inhibited B. subtillis, S. dysenteriae, Rf value 0.64 inhibited S. aureus and S. thypii, Rf value 0.89 , 0.36, 0.24 inhibited S. dysenteriae, Rf values ​​0.84 and 0.74 inhibited S. aureus. Whereas for IBRN-5, spots were obtained with an Rf value of 0.91 inhibiting B. subtillis, E. coli S. thypii, an Rf value of 0.95 inhibiting S. aureus S. dysenteriae, an Rf value of 0.84 inhibiting B. subtillis, S. thypii, Rf value of 0.83 inhibits S. dysenteriae, and Rf value of 0.74 inhibits S. thypii.</em></p> Zakiya Maulidiyah, Seniwati Dali, Rusli Rusli, Tadjuddin Naid ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Faktor Yang Memengaruhi Pernikahan Usia Muda Pada Pasangan Suami Istri di Desa Tanjung Mompang Kec. Panyabungan Utara Kab. Mandailing Natal <p><em>Young marriage is marriages performed by men under the age of 19 years and women under the age of 16 years. According to WHO in 2014 showed amount 16 million women gave birth aged 15-19 years or 11% of all births in the World this study aims to analyze the factors that influence young marriage in a married couple at Tanjung Mompang Village, North Panyabungan District of Mandailing Natal Regency in 2019.</em> <em>This research uses a mix method research. The populations were husband and wife couples with fertile age status who engaged in young marriage amount 79 couples. The quantitative approach sample was 79 married couples. The qualitative approach was 3 married couples, 1 village head, 1 village midwife, 1 traditional leader. Quantitative analysis was done by univariate, bivariate, multivariate analysis. Qualitative analysis performed by data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions.</em> <em>The results showed the majority of knowledge variables lack p-value .038, majority education low value p-value .013, parenting majority lack p-value .011, majority culture supports p-value .025.</em> <em>The conclusion shows that there is the influence of knowledge, education, parenting, and culture. The most dominant variable affecting young marriage is culture. It is expected that traditional leaders can provide a way of life for adolescents not to engage in young marriage and suggestion for adolescents to study to college to be useful adolescents, thus the teenager knows the negative effects of young marriage that are vulnerable to reproductive health problems.</em></p> Desy Hermarani Lubis, Razia Begum Suroyo, Jitasari Tarigan Sibero ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Efek Seduhan Jahe Sebagai Anti Muntah Pada Perempuan Hamil Trimester Pertama <p><em>Pregnancy is a process awaited by the family, but in the process of young pregnancy or the first trimester, there are physical, psychological and hormonal changes that cause symptoms of emesis gravidarum or nausea vomiting that can interfere with and endanger the health of pregnant women if left unchecked such as weakness, lethargy, fluid loss body and can cause dehydration and can even endanger the growth and development of the fetus. Ginger which is well known for cooking spices in Indonesia has other benefits such as reducing nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, where ginger is antiemetic. This study aims to look at the effectiveness of steeping ginger as an anti-emetic in first-trimester pregnant women. This study used a pre-experiment with a pre-test post-test design approach which had 16 samples taken by accidental sampling and the data were analyzed using the Wilcoxon test. The results showed that before treatment, the average vomiting was 3.87, while after treatment, the average vomiting was 1.19, meaning that there was a decrease in nausea and vomiting after treatment with steeping ginger for seven days.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Galuh Pradian Yanuaringsih, Ade Saputra Nasution, Siti Aminah ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Faktor Determinan Kesiapsiagaan Perawat Terhadap Bencana Gunung Meletus (Gamalama) di Puskesmas Wilayah Kerja Dinas Kesehatan Kota Ternate <p><em>Puskesmas is part of the government and is obliged to perform its functions in disaster preparedness. This study aimed to determine the description and the relationship of determinant factors of nurse preparedness to the eruption of Mountain Gamalama at the working area of the Health Center in ​​Ternate City Health Office. The research used the combined research method (Mixed Method), which was the combination between the quantitative method and the qualitative method. The research samples included all the nurses in the Health Center of the working area of the Health office of Ternate City comprising 41 people. The data analysis was conducted using the Chi-square test for quantitative research. The Knowledge variable was p=0,05, and the skill variable was p= 0,171. The related to the preparedness. Meanwhile, the qualitative research was in the form narration of the interviews with the respondents who had low skills because of the little training and stimulation about the calamity. </em></p> Abd Hakim Husen, Cahyono Kaelan, Armyn Nurdin, Anto J. Hadi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Pengetahuan Dan Sikap Ibu Dengan Keikutsertaan Dalam Kelas Senam Hamil Di Rumah Sakit Colombia Asia <p><em>The disobedience of mother following the class activities of pregnant is one of the obstacles in implementing classroom activities for pregnant that will have a global impact on the health. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the knowledge and the participation mother in pregnancy classes, and the relationship between the attitude and the participation mother in pregnancy classes. This type of research is analytical survey research with a cross-sectional. The population in this study were all pregnant women trimester 3 who visited at Hospital Colombia Asia totaling 103 people. The sample in this study was 82 people with accidental sampling. Research instrument using a statement questionnaire. The test used in this study is the chi-square test with alpha 0.05. The statistical test results of the relationship between the knowledge with the participation mother in the pregnancy class obtained a value (p-value) = 0.019 &lt;α 0.05, which means there is a relationship between knowledge and the participation of mother pregnancy classes. The relationship of cross-tabulation between the attitudes and the participation mother in the pregnancy class obtained a value (p-value) = 0.029 &lt;α 0.05, which means there is a relationship between the attitude with the participation mother in pregnancy classes. The conclusion is that there is a relationship between the knowledge and the participation mother in pregnancy classes and there is a relationship between the attitude and the participation mother in the pregnancy class.</em></p> Muthia Sari Mardha, Ivan Sri Marsaulina Panjaitan ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Adaptasi Dan Validasi Instrumen KIDSCREEN-27 Versi Bahasa Indonesia <p><em>The changes that occurred to cancer patients have affected the quality of life of both the patients and their family including the children. However, the tool to assess the adolescent quality of life is rarely found in the Indonesian version. Therefore,&nbsp; this study aimed to adapt and validate the instrument KIDSCREEN-27 into the Bahasa Indonesia version. This research was applied to a cross-cultural adaptation procedure which consists of five-phase. First is a translation, synthesis process, back translation, expert analysis, and the last is reliability. The research was involved 30 adolescents aged 11 – 18 years old who have a mother with cancer. The cancer patients were derived from the hospital of RSUD Panembahan Senopati Bantul. The data was obtained from January – February 2019. This was used as a purposive sampling technique along with the content validity index (CVI) and reliability test which performed Alfa Cronbach. The result of the content validity index (CVI), I-CVI and S-CVI from three different experts was 1.00. Meanwhile, the value of Alpha Cronbach’s was 0.893. The internal consistency of 5 domains in the range value of α 0.654 – 0.840 with the highest is family and free time and the lowest is friends.&nbsp; The instrument of&nbsp; KIDSCREEN -27 Bahasa Indonesia version is valid and reliable, thus, is able to assist the health care provider to examine the adolescent’s quality of life.</em></p> Dewi Utari, Ratna Lestari ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000