Window of Health : Jurnal Kesehatan 2019-08-18T21:23:07+00:00 Yusriani Open Journal Systems <p><span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: medium;">Window of Health :&nbsp;The Journal of Health is a publication of scientific work in the field of health in a broad sense such as public health, nursing, midwifery, medicine, pharmacy, health psychology, nutrition, health technology, health analysis, health information systems, medical records, hospital management and so on. In addition, the Journal was first established since 2017 by the Institute of Study and Management Center Journal of the Faculty of Public Health University Muslim Indonesia located in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Window of Health : Jurnal Kesehatan published on January, April, July and October with E-ISSN 2614-5375.<br></span></span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Service Quality for Patient Loyalty With Patient Satisfaction as Mediation of Hospital Patients In Dewi Sartika Kendari Hospital 2019-08-18T21:23:07+00:00 Randa Wula Isfan Yulianti Fauziah <p>Hospital is one of the healthcare facilities, in the rapid technological development and increasingly fierce competition Hospital is required to continue to improve the quality of services that meet the needs of patients. This study aims to determine the effect of service quality on patient loyalty with patient satisfaction as mediation of hospitalized patients at Dewi Sartika Kendari General Hospital.<br>The research method used was associative, with a cross-sectional design. Sampling technique used purposive sampling. Samples used were 83 respondents inpatients at Dewi Sartika Kendari General Hospital with data analysis using SPSS with path analysis method.<br>The results showed that: a) Service quality had a positive and significant effect on patient satisfaction, the value of the effect was 0.583 and a significance of 0.000 &lt;0.05. b) Quality of service does not have a positive and significant effect on patient loyalty, the value of the influence is 0.164 and the significance is 0.106&gt; 0.05. c) Patient satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on patient loyalty, the value of the influence is 0.575 and a significance of 0.000 &lt;0.05. d) Service quality has a positive and significant effect on patient loyalty with patient satisfaction as a mediating variable with a direct influence value of 0.164 &lt;from the indirect effect value of 0.335</p> 2019-04-24T07:07:53+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Coping Mechanism (Source) in Mothers Who Have Baby Blues Syndrome In The Hospital. Elim Rantepao 2019-08-18T21:23:06+00:00 Lulu Alang Tulak Yusriani Yusriani Fairus Prihatin Idris <p><em>Maternity blues classified as mild psychological disorders that are sometimes experienced by postpartum mothers. To cope with maternity blues, the mother can adopt coping mechanisms. This study aims to determine coping mechanisms in mothers who experienced maternity blues in Elim Rantepao Hospital. Type this study is a qualitative study with descriptive approach. The participants consisted of five main informants that mothers who experienced maternity blues, 3 participants support (family), and one key participant (midwife who cared for). Research results obtained show that how mother cope with stress is also highly dependent on the resources available, such as family support mothers serve as the source of the greatest coping, besides spiritual beliefs, social support, balance of energy and material, also used as a source her coping. But things are different are obtained, is heir belief or trust in which the mother perform rituals or believe to get a peace, for that in the face of maternity blues, it needed the support of the coping resources that mothers do not continue in conditions more severe disorders.</em></p> 2019-04-24T07:46:55+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Participation Of Women Of Fertile Age Couples In Use Of IUD 2019-08-18T21:23:05+00:00 Ida Lestari Tampubolon Muhammad Crystandy Fitry Anggreini Sikumbang <p><em>The high rate of population growth in Indonesia is due to the low coverage of family planning participants. One of them is the low use of IUD family planning which is only 4.7% due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the long-term benefits of IUD family planning. To determine the related factors to the fertile age women participation in the use of IUD Birth Control. The type of this research is analytical survey with cross sectional approach. This research was conducted at Kelurahan Sei Kera Hilir I of Medan Perjuangan Sub District Medan Kota. The sample of 87 people. The sampling was done by accidental sampling technique. Knowledge variables (p value = 0.000), parity (p value = 0.031), education (p value = 0.022), income (p value = 0.021) and husband support (p value = 0.000) has a relationship with the participation of fertile age women in the use of IUD Birth Control. Variables of husband's support and knowledge were the most influential variables in the use of IUD Birth Control. Shows that the most influential factor with the participation of fertile age women in the use of IUD Birth Control is husband's support and knowledge</em></p> 2019-04-24T13:02:45+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis Factors Affecting Anxiety In Pregnant Women On Sexual Relations at RSIA Siti Khadijah I Makassar 2019-08-18T21:23:04+00:00 Yuliana Nelcy Sri Vitayani Hasriwiyani Habo Abbas <p><em>Sexual relations are a primary need for married couples. However, many couples who disagree about sex during pregnancy are caused by anxiety from each partner. The general purpose of this research is to analyze the factors that influence anxiety in pregnant women against sexual relations in RSIA Sitti Khadijah 1 Makassar City.</em><em>This research approach is observational, with a cross sectional approach. The population in this study were all pregnant women in RSIA Sitti Khadijah 1, Makassar City. The sample in this study was conducted by accidental sampling.</em><em>The results showed the majority of respondents had the age in the risk category as many as 65.7%. The results of statistical tests obtained X2 count (7.672)&gt; X table (5.991) and the value of p value = 0.024 &lt;value of α = 0.05, most respondents have gestational age in the risk category as many as 53.7%. The results of statistical tests obtained X2 count (13,449)&gt; X table (5,991) and p value = 0,001 &lt;value α = 0,05, most respondents have parity in the risk category as many as 58,2%. Statistical test results obtained X2 count (9.217)&gt; X table (5.991) and p value = 0.007 &lt;value α = 0.05, most respondents have economic status in the category &lt;UMK as many as 50.7%. The results of statistical tests obtained X2 count (8.941)&gt; X table (5.991) and the value of p value = 0.009 &lt;value of α = 0.05, most of the respondents did not work as many as 55.2%. Statistical test results obtained compute X2 (7,783)&gt; X table (5,991) and p value = 0,019 &lt;value α = 0,05, most respondents have education in the low category as many as 59,7%. The results of statistical tests obtained X2 count (4.353) &lt;X table (5.991) and the value of p value = 0.117&gt; the value of α = 0.05, the variables that most influence the anxiety in pregnant women on sexual relations are socio-economic.</em><em>It is expected that health workers can be included in KIE (Information and Education Communication) regarding sexual activity so that it is expected that all pregnant women who have their pregnancies will not experience anxiety.</em><em>Keywords: Age, Age of Pregnancy, Parity, Socio-Economic, Job, Education, Anxiety, Sexual Relationship</em><em>Bibliography: 50 (1990 - 2017)</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2019-04-24T15:03:25+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Combination of Pectoralis Major Muscle Massage and Endorphine Massage in Trimester III Pregnant Women for the Removal of Post Partum ASI in Palu City 2019-08-18T21:23:00+00:00 Rafika Uddin Sri Yanti Kusika <p>The inhibiting factor in breastfeeding is the production of breastfeeding it self. The production of breast milk which is less and slowly exits can cause the mother not to give enough milk to her baby. Stimulating breastmilk production can be done by trying to stimulate prolactin and oxytocin hormones including by carrying out <em>breast care </em>on the skin, through pectoralis major muscle <em>massage</em> and endorphine <em>massage</em> to accelerate oxygen and make the mother feel relaxed. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of the combination of pectoralis major muscle <em>massage</em> and endorphine <em>massage</em> in third trimester pregnant women on breast milk release in post partum mothers. This type of research is <em>quasi-experimental </em>&nbsp;with the design of the <em>Static-Group Comparasion. </em>The study was conducted in September-November 2018 in the area of the Kamonji Health Center in the City of Palu. The population consisted of an intervention group of 24 people combined treatment of pectoralis major muscle <em>massage</em> followed by endorphine <em>massage</em>, and a control group of 24 people not given treatment. Sampling using the <em>executive sampling technique. </em>Univariate analysis and bivariate analysis. The results of this study obtained by the intervention group had an average volume of breast milk of 1.36 cc, a minimum value of 05, cc and a maximum of 2.3 cc. while the control group has an average value of 0.38 cc, a minimum value of 0.1 cc and a maximum of 0.8 cc. it means there is a difference in the average volume of breast milk in the intervention group higher than the control group. This result is based on thestatistic <em>Mann-Whitney Test </em>obtained p value = 0,000. It was concluded, the combination of major pectoralis muscle <em>massage </em>and endorphine <em>massage</em> in third trimester pregnant women was effective against post partum breast milk release. Suggestion, the need for health center officers to apply this complementary therapy so that the target of exclusive breastfeeding is achieved.</p> 2019-04-25T02:20:24+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Isolation and Test of Anti-Bacterial Activity of Endophytic Fungi in Clove Flowers (Syzygium aromaticum L.) in Inhibiting Bacteria Causes of Dental Caries 2019-08-18T21:23:03+00:00 Nabila Adelina Fitriana Fitriana Tadjuddin Naid Seniwati Seniwati Septiyanti Septiyanti <p><em>Clove is one of the plants that has the potential as an antibacterial. Clove, besides being known as a food flavoring, also has properties as an analgesic, bacteriostatic, and treat stomach cramps. This study aims to isolate and obtain a chromatogram profile of clove flowers (Syzygium aromaticum L.) against bacteria that cause dental caries infection. The search for bioactive compounds in this study was to isolate endophytic fungi in clove flowers and then purified and tested macroscopically. Then a screening test was carried out and then continued for 21 days fermentation using Potato Dextrose Broth medium to separate the supernatant and mycelia, then extracted using ethyl acetate solvents to obtain ethyl acetate extract. Antibacterial activity testing was carried out by TLC-Bioutography method using ethyl acetate: n-hexane (4: 1) eluent. The results of this study obtained five endophytic fungi isolates that were active against the bacteria Streprococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis. Isolates that have the greatest activity, namely isolates with the code IFBC-01. The results of TLC-Bioautography obtained one speck with a value of rf: 0.67 which means it has antibacterial activity.</em></p> 2019-04-24T15:31:22+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis Of Vitamin C Level In Red And White Pepper (Punica granatum L.) Fruit Spectrophotometry UV-VIS 2019-08-18T21:23:02+00:00 Andi Maulana Zainal Abidin Sugiarto Sadjidin Tadjuddin Naid <p>Vitamin C is one of the nutrients that act as antioxidants derived from fruits and green vegetables, such as the pomegranate (<em>Punica granatum</em> L.). This study aims to analisis levels of vitamin C in meat pomegranate (<em>Punica granatum</em> L.) red and white with qualitative and quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis was performed using specific reagents that ammonium molybdate, Fehling Fehling's A and B which have indicated a positive sample containing vitamin C, and vitamin C were analyzed quantitatively using UV-Vis spectrophotometry at a wavelength of 570 nm. The results showed levels of vitamin C in red pomegranate fruit flesh 0.24475 mg / g and meat pomegranate 0.11577 mg / g</p> 2019-04-24T17:18:01+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Nephrotherapy Determination of Ethanol Extract of African Leaves (Vernonia amygdalina Delile) on with the Parameter of Male Rat Urea Induced by Gentamisin 2019-08-18T21:23:01+00:00 Rizqi Nur Azizah Irma Santi Ayu Marlian <p>African leaves (Vernonia amygdalina Delile.) contain flavonoids having an antioxidant activities. The research aimed to determine the nephrotherapy effect of the ethanolic extract of African leaves with the parameter of male rat urea (Rattus norvegicus) induced by gentamicin. The research used 18 rats divided into 6 groups consisting of group I as the normal group, group Il the Negative Control (gentamicin 80 mg I kgBW), group Ill the Positive Contfol (amino acid supplement), group IV, V, and VI given the ethanol extract of African leaves, each dose of 100 mg/kgBW, 250 mg/kgBW, 500 mg/kgBW. The induction of gentamicin 80 mg/kg BW was administered for eight days and the therapy for the ethanol extract of African leaves for fourteen days. The research data were statistically analyzed using the ANOVA test followed by the Post Hoc LSD test. The results showed that the ethanol extract of African leaves had the nephrotherapy effects in reducing the urea in male rat induced by gentamicin.</p> 2019-04-25T02:08:34+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Factors Associated With A Ruptured Perineum On A Vaginal Birth At The Clinic Niar The Terrain Of The Year 2018 2019-08-18T21:22:59+00:00 Putri Diah Pemiliana Irma Handayani Sarumpaet Dan Sanak Ziliwu <p><strong><em>Introduction:</em></strong><strong><em>&nbsp;</em></strong><em>Ruptured perineum</em><em>&nbsp;</em><em>due to pregnancy, parity, age of mother, baby weight, vacuum extraction, trauma tools and episiotomy.&nbsp;Based on data of the&nbsp;World HealthOrganization(WHO) going on 2.7 million cases of rupturperineum in the mother birthing.&nbsp;This figure is expected to reach 6.3 million by the year 2050.&nbsp;<strong>The purpose of</strong>&nbsp;</em><strong><em>:</em></strong><strong><em>&nbsp;</em></strong><em>this research is to know the factors which Fotor associated with Ruptured Perineum At vaginal birth at the clinic Pratama Medan Tahun2018 N.</em><em>&nbsp;</em><strong><em>Method:</em></strong><strong><em>&nbsp;</em></strong><em>the research design used in this research is a survey of the analytic approach of using&nbsp;CrossSectional&nbsp;</em><em>,</em><em>&nbsp;</em><em>sampling using the&nbsp;total populationwith the techniques of medical record data collection by using the statiscttestChi Square.</em><em>&nbsp;</em><strong><em>Results:</em></strong><strong><em>&nbsp;</em></strong><em>the research on test by&nbsp;Chi Square, the data obtained with the data of skunder test results statistc showed no relationship age mom with ruptured perineum with&nbsp;p =0.037 value (p = 0.04),&nbsp;the relationship of the weight of the baby&nbsp;with a ruptured perineum with&nbsp;p =0.041 value (p = 0,041)&nbsp;and the relationship of parity with ruptured perineum with&nbsp;p =0.003value (p = 0.003).&nbsp;at the clinic the year 2018 Pratama Medan N.</em><em>&nbsp;</em><em>Based on logistic regression test variable BBL has close relationship ruptured perineum against value of sig 0.61, the value of the Exp (B)/OR largest 2.510 meaning likely or highly influential BBL 2.510 times can cause the occurrence of ruptured&nbsp;the perineum.&nbsp;<strong>Conclusion&nbsp;:</strong>&nbsp;the results of data analysis and discussion that there is a relationship of maternal Age, Parity and infant's Weight with a Ruptured Perineum in vaginal birth.</em></p> 2019-04-25T05:42:14+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Effectiveness Of Community Movement Program On Health Department Of Makassar City In Improving Health Status Of Hajj Pilgrims Year 2018 2019-08-18T21:22:57+00:00 Muhammad Nashrullah Ilham Sitti Patimah Muhammad Khidri Alwi <p><em>Muhammad Nashrullah Ilham. The Effectiveness of the Germas Program of the Makassar City Health Office in Improving the Health Status of Hajj Pilgrims in 2018 (Guided by Sitti Patimah and H. Muh. Khidri Alwi).</em></p> <p><em>This study wants to assess the effectiveness of the program of the Healthy Living Society Movement (GERMAS) of the Makassar City Health Office in Improving the Health Status of Hajj Pilgrims in 2018.</em></p> <p><em>This research uses a mixed approach (Mix Design). The Mix Design research approach is dominant-less dominant, which is dominant in this research, namely the qualitative approach, while the less dominant one is the quantitative approach. The key informants in this study were 42 pilgrims from the City of Makassar. Ordinary informants were health workers involved in the Society Life Healthy Movement program in pilgrims as many as 5 people.</em></p> <p><em>The results of the study show that at the input, process and output stages have been going well. The results of the statistical analysis showed a change in the health status of the pilgrims after the implementation of the Healthy Living Society Movement (GERMAS) namely significant changes in blood pressure (p = 0.001), changes in obesity status (p = 0.310), blood sugar levels (p = 0,000) and also a significant change in gout (p = 0.145).</em></p> <p><em>The conclusion of the study is that starting from the input, process and output are in accordance with the program expectations. It is recommended that there be a continuous socialization of the GERMAS program to the general public and carried out also by all government and private agencies.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords : Effectiveness, healthy living society movement, hajj pilgrims</em></p> 2019-04-25T06:33:37+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##