Perbandingan Vitamin A Air susu ibu pada Penyimpanan Lemari Pendingin dan Suhu Ruangan


Comparison of Vitamin A Composition of ASI in Cold Storage and Room Temperature. This research aims to compare the composition of Vitamin A in breast milk stored using refrigerators and room temperature. This research is a pure experimental type. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling and obtained as many as 30 samples. The ASI was tested for its Vitamin A composition by UV-Vis Spectrophotometrics. The treatment was carried out by pumping using a doubell pumping pump and then stored using a Refrigerator and Room Temperature for 8 hours, analyzing the data using the One-Way Anova test. Research results show that the composition of Vitamin A ASI stored using storage in the room is higher than breast milk stored in the refrigerator at 40C (p = 0.064). Vitamin A is better stored at room temperature if you want to consume it no more than 24 hours after milking.




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